Scum Vegas

Not just another homogenized brand of corn-fed meat-sacks, Adelaide's Scum Vegas narrate the constantly unfolding pass-the-parcel of life on the red pill, and the decadent armchair worship on the blue.

Mixing an outsider’s synaptic twister of game-show meets Twin Peaks, the trio’s musicality meets in the middle of the primordial and the sophisticated; a no-brow irreverence, repellent of the inflated sense of modest art. Using a volatile amalgam of noise-rock deconstruction, nowave narcissism, soul deliverance, doom noir and a touch of cartoon screw ball, Scum Vegas confess a discussion of dualities in their experiences of extreme highs and severe lows.

Scum Vegas are an amalgam of more experimental styles such as noise-rock, doom-sludge, p-funk, no-wave, soundtrack, and art-rock. The band’s first EP titled YEAHNAHYEAH, in which showcases for the most part their early sound, was recorded in Jones’ living room over a weekend in late 2014 and released in July 2015. Scum Vegas have since been working on their first full-length release ‘Mr. Appetite’, which is set to release mid 2016. So get your food-holes ready folks!




To Be Announced