God God
Dammit Dammit

Comprised of veterans of more bands than they can usually remember, nobody puts on a performance like God God Dammit Dammit.

Early 2016 the mighty rock dectet dropped a brand new full length album which was momentously unveiled at The Gov in Adelaide on January 16, where a comfortably crowded room danced they’re booty’s off. The album entitled ‘Soul Dice’ solidifies their defying style of relentless funk and soul, coupled with spontaneous explosions of energy and pure punk rock. “It’s a refreshing step to make a satisfying album of everything we’re about” mentioned Bassist Ryan Garde. “But now we’re ready for more” he continues. And you can hear it in the music too, there’s nothing to stop this road-train of rock and roll soul from tipping into the nations earholes.
Having always been popular in the boutique festival circuit as the integral party-starters, God God Dammit Dammit finished off 2016 with some explosive performances in front of Woodford Folk Festival's record-breaking crowd leaving Scenestr with a glowing review....
"The ten-piece can only be described as funk fused with soul, with a dollop of Frank Zappa-essence added to the mix, and some punk, just, well, because they can. They were big, loud, in your face, and made you wanna dance! What’s not to like?" - SCENESTR Magazine
About to embark on a third full-length release, 2017 brings forth a truckload of tunes, tours and solid gigs..

God God Dammit Dammit - Kazoo (New Clip)