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Gliding through crisp guitar tones and a voice that transcends dimensions she has created a significant buzz amongst the South Australian music scene. Abbey has introduced eclectic rhythms and beats to her ever-expanding wilderness of talents, cutting and creating a unique experience for all her fans.

We have seen her style morph from vintage acoustic melodies into colourful percussive vocal loops, blending hip-hop and soul in a uniquely creative way. Drawing influence from all over the world, Golden Realm provokes memories of greats such as Bjork, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill and Beth Gibbons.



If you haven’t experienced a beery evening with the great God God Dammit Dammit, you haven’t lived... or died.

Comprised of veterans of more bands than they can usually remember, nobody puts on a performance like God God Dammit Dammit. And now the mighty rock dectet have a brand new full length album which was momentously unveiled at the Gov on January 16, which a comfortably crowded room danced they’re booty’s off.



The buzz around the catchy ocker-punk band Rat Catcher is undeniably contagious and so is their debut track ‘Seedy Morrow’. Once an iconic folk singer and voice of the Adelaide streets, the great Johnny Adams is back behind the mic and smashing out some straight-up good quality punk with his mates, which involves an all-star line-up with Davey Gibson (Spacebong, Funeral Moon), Ryan Garde (Meat Wallet), Matt Gully (GGDD), and Robby Bob (Scum Vegas). The melodies are catchy and comfortably droll, described by Pete ‘The Stud’ Howlett as an ocker Ian Curtis. All the while, the guitars invoke memories of Sunnyboys meets Turbonegro with the whole band propelling an energy that only Johnny himself can match, all the while, into the timelessness of his iconic Australian Folk. Rat Catcher will be dropping their Debut Album on Cassette and Digital Release January

NEXT GIG - Rat Catcher at Bendigo Hotel (melb) 8th Birthday January 27th